Photo campaign in 1997 at the former Psychiatric Hospital of Cogoleto where Gino Grimaldi played the most important part of his artistic activity

soul figuresThe photographs were part of the exhibition Figures Soul – Art irregular in Europe and the catalog published by Mazzotta in 1998.

His work is characterized by an iconography that homosexuality mixture Christian symbolism and erotic imagination perhaps inspired by the vision of teenagers observed bathers on the beach of Cogoleto. The hospital of Cogoleto, besides being confined compared to large population centers, was also quite isolated from the point of view of clinical practice and care. The space of work that finally is opened is incredible. As the entire asylum even the church has been just ended when Grimaldi gets to Cogoleto: only in the years 30 the Psychiatric Hospital is equipped with a place of worship independently to allow internees and to the body of the sisters who work in the building to follow the religious services. The decoration of the church is the most fulfilling during the entire life of Grimaldi, the great environment totally unadorned is the ideal place where finally all his inspiration could occur at monumental levels through a precise and complete project staff who saw it as the only protagonist. The work was finished in 1937 and the artist will appose the signature with the inscription Last Opus. Farewell My Art. Hospitalized again in 1941 at the Psychiatric Hospital of Cogoleto, died of a heart attack 28 July of the same year.

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