The Workshop fotografico Homelessness It born from an idea that I proposed in fio.PSD a fine 2013 and that has developed throughout the 2014

Original From idea has developed a beautiful collaboration between multiple realities, which he led to the realization of an exhibition exposed to Bergamo October 2014 and the publication of several magazines including Famiglia Cristiana, Jesus, Scarpa of’ Tennis

The collaboration between the fio.PSD and Workshop Photo of Sandro Bear e Federica De Angeli, nasce da esigenze e obiettivi comuni

The primary need of the Federation was to expand its photo archive with new images and respectful of the topic as a whole
Secondary objective homelessness instead to spread knowledge and to experience a type of project that could be replicated

Interesse dei fotografi professionisti genovesi, nonché tenutari di corsi fotografici da molti anni, was to be able to deal with a difficult issue, but that it constituted a challenge for them and for the students of the course and can thus investigate a system of people and places they developed arguments and thoughts that could go beyond simple shooting

As part of the Federation Homelessness Workshop had the following tasks:

  • tenere una lezione ad avvio corso, held by Paul Pezzana industry expert and former president of fio.PSD, that introduce students to the topic and give them ideas on how to approach and interact with users-subjects and Michele Ferraris, Responsabile Comunicazione per la fio.PSD nonché ex fotografo professionista dal 1995 al 2010
  • tenere una lezione a fine corso di valutazione dell’esperienza, di giudizio complessivo sui risultati raggiunti e di scambio di idee per esperienze future
  • facilitare il contatto tra gli allievi del corso e le realtà o le persone presso cui effettuare le riprese fotografiche (soci fio.PSD di Genova e Liguria)


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